Why Garden Financial Make Sense

On average, Americans finance 34.5% of every dollar directly or indirectly through mortgages, credit cards and automobiles. Recapturing a return on the volume of the interest you pay to a finance company will supercharge your personal and business savings.

This concept called “Infinite Banking” involves using a dividend paying cash value life insurance contract as your savings account. You may have heard it called “Becoming Your Own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash (the Pioneer) or “Bank On Yourself”, by Pamela Yellen (the Marketer). Even if you usually pay cash, this system is a smart way to build savings faster. After all, this is exactly how banks make their money. They take in deposits as collateral and then make loans against these reserves. They charge for the use of their money and make a tremendous profit with this model.

The Breakdown:

Safety 95%
Liquidity 93%
Rate of Return 85%
Tax Benefits 87%

At Garden Financial we specialize in structuring policies that maximize the living benefits (Safety, Liquidity, Rate of Return, and Tax Benefits) that can only be found within a Permanent Life Insurance Policy. Through Infinite Banking you can: manage debt, decrease interest payments to loans (credit cards, personal lines of credit, business loans, etc), create a personal banking and financing system, develop a tax free or tax deferred retirement program, just to name a few.

How it Works

Paying into a cash value life insurance policy with an insurance company that allows policy holders to take loans collateralized on their individual policies, gives you the opportunity to multipurpose every dollar you save. You earn a return in the form of a dividend on your original premium investment while you simultaneously have access and use of your equity in the policy. This money may be used for anything you want without pre-approval. A loan may be taken with no adverse affect on the performance of your life insurance policy, it continues compounding in cash value. Paying back policy loans increases your overall savings and further accelerates growth in the policy. This system functions well in all phases of wealth as a complete financial system.

Garden Financial specializes in putting a safe foundation in place for all savings solutions. We have implemented the Infinite Banking strategy with clients for retirement savings, college financing, purchasing a car, investing, paying off a mortgage, and financing business capital needs. Before you make a large purchase or down payment or send off that tuition check, learn how to become your own banker.


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