Insurance Policy Help Legal Care Trust Protection Protection ConceptWhat is your greatest asset? 

Your house, your business, or your retirement plan? Many argue that it is — your ability to earn an income!

Life Insurance – Every family should have life insurance in place to guarantee the financial responsibilities of the ones they depend on. Term-Life insurance is the least expensive way to ensure your loved ones will be taken care of in case of the loss of life and income. Without life insurance protection prior financial planning is lost if there is no way to fund it.

Do you insure your home, your car, and your life in case of an accident and the unplanned? 

If you are nearing retirement and want to protect your nest-egg, you may want to consider insuring all or a portion of your retirement through an Annuity.

Annuities — The modern-day Variable or Fixed / Indexed annuities available to investors today can provide many benefits. Plain vanilla annuities with only a small guarantee of growth and death benefit of the past have given way to very competitive arena of insurers giving policy holders a choice from a long list of benefits. Various guarantees issued by the insurance company only are principle protection, income protection, death benefits, growth guarantees, and/or a guaranteed income stream. Additionally, annuities can provide for tax deferral and estate planning purposes.

Are you concerned about being a burden on your family in your old age, losing your dignity, being stuck in any nursing home or medicaid clinic, and losing your assets to the state? 

Scary to think about…

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) — Families may want to consider LTCI for many reasons. Medical care is expensive and can quickly deplete a families assets over an on-going period of time. Medicaid / Medicare are short term solutions based on qualifications and need. LTCI can give the care receiver many more options for medical care and assistance with daily living activies. LTCI can be used to protect a families assets and offset the expense of on-going care in your own home, assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

Other Insurance — We can help you analyze you personal situation. We have independent insurance agents in all lines to keep you and your family covered.

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